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My story

I began my journey after the Christmas break while not dancing after not loosing any weight despite walking for an hour every morning & watching my eating diet. Feeling frustrated I decided to search for something I could use as a tool to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life but still enjoy wholesome natural foods without restricting my diet of particular foods I would later crave.

But you're not over weight everyone told me!

We all know what we feel comfortable at weight wise & while I looked good in most of my clothes & having experience in dressing to suit my figure I could hide the fact that I wasn't fitting into many of my favourite items. 

Mentoring sold me on this programme

I had support on this journey from both my direct sponsor & hers who had previously done the Keto diet for 4 years. You now enroll & get notifications daily to guide you through the program too which keeps you on track

The journey has just begun, 4 kg down 

1 April will be 8 weeks now on my road to better eating & nutrition. I have stopped 

taking the hand full of supplements I was taking every morning not really knowing which ones were doing me good. I'm now eating regularly & a lot more food than I ever did before.

I'm now at my goal weight (down 6kg) & maintaining with a few tools in my kit for life

With a few adjustments to your 30 day quick start program you can maintain your goal weight for me now to discuss this further, take charge now for you & your loved ones!

Call now, 027 6995532

I like most wanted quick results. I was impressed by a friends story & 

decided a 30 day fast track system was 

little investment to 

see if it was the one for me

It definitely was as I lost 2

 kg in the first two weeks 

while enjoying healthy